Playground Updates

Each month, we'll highlight the progress on our plans for the playground upgrades. We are working hard to include both immediate and future upgrades in order to support the activity of all of our students. Suggestions are always welcome by email, but the BEST way to get involved is to volunteer for the playground committee or attend PTA meetings for specific updates.

Update as of 11/1/22

Our playground committee met this month to continue our planning of the upgrades to our playground and field space. We are currently getting estimates on regrading and resurfacing the field in the center of the track. Good news! There is a great sprinkler system there, but it needs some updating. We are also discussing moving the wooden mulch underneath the main play structure to different spaces on the campus. We'd love to find a rubberized surface solution for the ground under the main play structure. Students are enjoying the soccer goals each time they are outside. Our new Field Maintenance Fifth grade Team begins the week of Monday the 20th, and we will be repainting the lines and making sure the balls are ready for all of our students to enjoy. Look for new updates each month.

Playground updates from October 1. Budget meeting to compile three years of saving money 2. Purchase of movable soccer goals for the fields 3. Multiple student and teacher surveys to find out the needs of our school 4. Formation of a committee to direct the project