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Backpack Blessings

Upstate Backpack Blessings is a volunteer-based, donation-driven organization that now provides bags of food to 300+ students each week in 16 area elementary, middle and high schools:

Over 34,000 students in Greenville County Public Schools rely on free or reduced breakfasts and lunches while in school Monday through Friday. Students served by Upstate Backpack Blessings count on their weekend bags that they pick up on Friday afternoons as they leave school for the weekend, a critical time when they do not have access to school meals and often go without or have very little food.

We need volunteers to help handout these bags every Friday, preferably at the start of school so a child receiving a early dismissal will receive the bag of food for the weekend. The organization also is in need for food donations. They prefer nonperishable food and items that are easy for the child to make themselves. 

Suggested Food Pantry Donations

Granola or cereal bars
Individual packages of oatmeal
Individual packages of grits
Individual cereal boxes
Cans or cups of fruit
Apple sauce
Pop top/easy open cans of ravioli, spaghetti, soups, stews, sausages, etc.
Individual packages of macaroni and cheese
Individual packages of pasta meals
Ramen noodle soup packages
Hamburger Helper microwave singles
Beef sticks
Cans/pouches of easy to make chicken salad
Microwave popcorn
Individual pudding cups
Individual containers of apple sauce
Crackers (Saltines, cheese filled, etc.)
Juice boxes or pouches
Capri Suns
Shelf stable/non-perishable drinks

Water bottles

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